Music You Should Know, "Signals To Vega"

Friday was a busy day. It started with work until 2pm then I took the kids book shopping at Barns and Noble,  then we hit up some food trucks on Perkin's road for dinner before heading to the skate park so that the boys could skate and Evangeline and her friend Haley could walk around checking out skater guys.

After that, I dropped the boys off at home with Dean and the girls and I went to HGTG Venue to listen to On the Way To Infinity. We arrived around 8pm and found out that there were two bands to perform before OTWTI. One of them was Signals to Vega.

Picture of Signals To Vega taken from the balcony Friday night at HTGT

HTGT is a small venue out by LSU on Burbank. It's actually part of the Here Today Gone Tomorrow Thrift Store and you would never know from looking at it that it housed intimate rock shows several nights a week. It's not a bar, there is actually no alcohol sold there and the shows are early in the evening, usually between 7-11pm with a cover charge of about $5.

The section of the thrift store that houses the venue has the feel of an urban loft/hippy shack that's been emptied of it's furniture to make room for 25-75 of your friends to come over and enjoy a jam session. The bands perform on the floor, not a stage, they are level with everyone else, except for the people who migrate up the stairs to the balcony area. The balcony nor the ground level contain seating other then a few old dining room chairs but you wouldn't want to sit anyway, especially in the balcony. This balcony is strickly for standing on the rail, looking down so you can catch the best view of the action.

The balcony is where I go.I like looking at the wall of antique lamps from up their and I find that the sound is better in the balcony.

The ledge of thrift store lamps that illuminate the HTGT music venue.

As I leaned on the rail of the balcony making small talk with Evangeline and Haley, Signals to Vega started playing. I was struck by how good they were immediately. As they continued to play I was in awe of how good they were. I looked over at Brennan, the Drummer from OTWTI who is an amazing musician and I mouthed "Oh my gosh! These guys are amazing!" he mouthed back "I know!" Between songs I went over to him and we talked about how freakishly good these guys were. At one point I said "Who needs drugs when you have music like this? It's cheesy maybe, but this music gets you high!" and he agreed.

Today I liked them on Facebook and saw that they have a Kickstart campaign to raise money to make an EP. I can think of no other band that I have heard recently that should absolutely have music out there in the market place. Take a listen..
So go help them raise the money they need to make their EP. And if you like having a place where you can just go and hear people play music in a really cool, intimate setting, then check out HTGT on Facebook. for scheduled shows and you can also find them on Reverbnation.


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