Go See The Movie Pitch Perfect

 I worked as an extra on this movie last year and I remember loving that I was getting paid to sit and watch some really great performances. It's even cooler to see them on the big screen now as part of a very entertaining movie.

And of course, it's really cool that I did see myself in the movie for about 3 seconds. Which, in the life of a movie extra, 3 seconds is a life time.

If you want to know what scene to look for me in, it's a scene near the end of the movie when the Bella's are in the semi-finals I think. There is a group singing "Blame it on the Boogie", they are led by a young African American boy and they are in blue and white outfits. Right when they finish performing, the camera shows the judges in the audience, I am one of the judges. I'm on the far right, last judge on the right.

So go see Pitch Perfect because it's a great movie and also so you can see me in it! Ha!

I really miss doing movie extra work!!

I bought this song from the soundtrack, I watched them do this song over and over again for two days and I never got tired of it.Take a listen..
Trebles Finals: Bright Lights Bigger City/Magic

Check out this quote from a review of the movie from the Chicago Tribune..

"Surprises are not abundant in the screenplay by Kay Cannon (adapting Mickey Rapkin's novel), but the laughs keep coming from all directions -- "Pitch Perfect" offers a wonderful ensemble of loony supporting bits, from Fat Amy's non-sequitur asides to the ridiculous preening of Treble Makers star soloist Bumper (Adam DeVine) to the unabashed nerdiness of Jesse's roommate Benji (Ben Platt), an amateur magician, "Star Wars" geek and starry-eyed Treble Makers super-fan" 

You can read the entire review HERE and below is one of the trailers.


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