Ah the Signs of Aging-My Eyes

Every since I can remember my eyes have watered. I've had two sinus surgeries, been on allergy shots, take Claratin, a nasal spray and eye drops daily, but at certain times of the year, like these last few months, they water worse then other times. But really, they water year round to some degree. It's a pain!! I'm always dabbing my eyes.

I also was blessed (cough cough-NOT!) from my dad with dark circles under my eyes. I am a life long user of under eye concealer. It IS my best friend.

But now I'm dealing with age on top of watery eyes and genetically gifted raccoon eyes. Time pulls the face down, makes the skin looser, and my eyes are showing it. I don't really have laugh lines because I am not a "smiley" person but I do have the sag, the puff, the wrinkles.

I'm stinkin' 45!!

So, last week I invested in the old lady "system" from Mary Kay, the TimeWise Repair Volu-Firm Set. It comes with some great stuff for the eyes. I've only been using it for a few days now but I'm really hoping it does some magic on these dark circles.

Another thing I am trying is not wearing mascara or eyeliner on the bottom of my eyes. I've been watching Mad Men and besides being completely in love with the clothes they wear on that show I've also noted the make up, especially Joan's make up, she doesn't wear eyeliner on the bottom of her eyes and it looks good. But doing my eyes like that is hard for me. I like eyeliner. I don't know if I will be able to do this for long. But I know with the watering of the eyes, the dabbing with a tissue, the already dark circles, that having eyeliner and mascara smearing onto the under eye can't help any. So, we'll see. (pun intended)

Ah the signs of aging, I wish I could say that I will just let it happen gracefully but I'd be lying, I will fight it with everything short of surgery! 


Unknown said…
girl I have been going thru the same thing. The fact that I'm 45 has really messed with my head. Never thought it would. My face started to fall last year. I wish I could do botox cuz I would in a heartbeat

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