A Dream I Had Once...

Back in December of 2006 I posted my dream of having a shop that would sell Lord of the Rings and Narnia Merchandise. The idea was a book store and coffee/tea shop as well. These are my design idea I did for it...

Middle Earth Party Room entrance
Entry is like the door to the mines of Moria from The Fellowship of the Ring.

Prancing Pony Cafe serving counter
Designed to look just like the counter at the Prancing Pony also in a scene from The Fellowship of the Ring.

Front of store
Hobbit hole round windows, like the ones in Bilbo's hobbit hole and the Wardrobe type door from The Lion The Witch and The Wardrobe also the white tree inlaid on the door.

This is what I wrote concerning what inspired the shop concept...

My dream shop would be named The Wardrobe and the White Tree, like this blog it would be a tribute to the two greatest authors of the 20th century, C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien and to the lands they created, Middle Earth and Narnia and the life changing effect these authors had on me. They taught me so much about this journey we call life and how to live it for God.

The name comes from the Wardrobe that was the entry way into Narnia and the White Tree of Gondor which unites all of Tolkien's stories of Middle earth from The Silmarillion to the Return of the Ring.

But like so many dreams, it died.

The other day Evangeline and I were thinking back on this dream and we tweaked it some. Streamlined it, did away with some elements, narrowed our focus, and dreamed a new dream with that dream as the basis.

I am very thankful for my new job at Advantage Payroll but it's not me. I sit behind a desk all day answering the phones and entering payroll. It's boring, quiet and not at all creative. But sometime I think we have to be here to see there clearly.

What am I put here for? As an artist, how is my creativity supposed to be used to earn a living wage and contribute to society? Are my gifts being used? How can I use them and make money? All of these questions always take me back to my dreams.

I have seen a lot of my childhood creative dreams come true.

I have worked in over 25 movies as an extra. Sure, I'm not a movie star but still, I worked in movies!

I have been singing on the worship team at the Dream Center since 2008 and I lead sometime not just sing back up. Sure, I'm not a famous recording artist but still, and perhaps better, I'm singing worship to God, songs that mean something to me and others in a deep life changing way, and I'm using my gift.

I have sold my art work to people and used my creativity to transform spaces at the Dream Center.

I have written articles for online publications.

My book is still in the works. That's a dream that I believe will be fulfilled before I die.

It's not like I haven't seen so many of my dreams happen, I have. But as far as really making a decent wage using my gifts, well that has yet to happen. I guess that's why the term "Starving Artist" was coined.
So I am going to start working on my dream of having a shop again. Like I said, it wont be the same idea but very similar and now, I have Evangeline dreaming with me, a mother and daughter owned business maybe? I think it's time.

to be continued...


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