Trailer Trash Life Continues

This weekend will make one month since our home was destroyed by a tree during Hurricane Issac.

We have been living in the travel trailer for three weeks now. It's not the worst thing in the world for sure but it's not great. We shower in the big house and do wash there also.

We sit outside a lot at the patio tables. We have a TV hooked up in the back car port where some of our stuff is and the boys play XBox back there.

I finally learned how to use the grill by necessity and my first attempt at grilling went alright. I burned the pork chops but the chicken was good.
E and her friends all up in the travel trailer.

We had a bunch of E's friends over the other night to play music and the plan was to sit outside but the bugs mocked my tiki torches and started to eat us alive so we had to move into the trailer. We had wall to wall people in there.

Cleo misses the house. She always runs inside when ever we have to go in to do laundry or to shower and she always seems so disappointed when she see's it's still just an empty shell.
Dean is having a harder time then I am right now with all this.

The boys don't seem phased by it at all.

E hates it because the bed hurts her back.

We all are ready for the contractors to start work so we can get back into the house.

My job is going great. I really like it and I am very thankful for it.

Here is a video tour of our trailer trash life...


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