Trailer Trash Life Continues..

Well we are two weeks out of our house. Trailer life is moving right along.

Here's the latest; The house has now been gutted and demo is complete, they will start the rebuilding next week.

We are moving the trailer up in the driveway so that we can hook up to our sewer system.

Getting up at 3am to pee takes on a whole new cuss-worthieness when you have to walk from the trailer to the house to pee.

We applied for FEMA and received a card to replace food we lost so that is really good. We also received some money to cover items lost inside the home and we now qualify to apply for a loan to help us buy the house so that is a huge blessing. We were already in the negotiation process with the owner to buy it so we are moving forward on that.

Thank you so much to everyone that has brought us dinner, Tecca, Mrs. Annette, Summer, such a blessing.

Right before the storm hit I wrote this post, What I Love About Hurricanes, and I had no idea that my family would be on the receiving end of the good Angels.

 It's bizarre that we made it through Katrina and Gustav with just a couple weeks of no electricity but then this little Cat 1 Hurricane Isaac becomes the one we will remember the most.

The other day Summer asked, "Have you taken pictures of this?" and I said yes. she then said "Of course you have, your a historian like me, we must document everything." and that is so true. This is a part of our story, our history. 

In the words of Charles Dickens, "It was the best of times it was the worst of times."


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