Laughter is the Best Medicine

So, a lot of things suck right now. My head is filled with thoughts of Healing Place Church and "what now?" and when it's not consumed with that I'm wondering when we will be back in our house, and when it's not consumed with that I'm fighting with close friends over politics on Facebook.

It's a bizarre time for sure.

But the two things that save the day are sitting with my head in my hands and crying, "God What?" and all day long, seeking Him, crying out to Him on the toilet, in the van, sitting outside the trailer sipping wine out of a red solo cup and listening to The Assemblie.

And laughter. Laughter IS the best medicine. Prayer leads to the eventual cure = eternity, but laughter is a band aide, it's medicine, that makes the bo-bo better for a bit.

I embrace it.

Jon Stewart makes me laugh. The show Workaholics makes me laugh. Thursday, my favorite show, Parks and Recreations comes back on and I can't wait to laugh while watching it.

I have no answers. I pray. I cry. I ask God to hold my tongue while I process because people have no grace for us who process out loud.

And then I turn on a funny show and for a minute, or 30, I laugh.

I forget.

I feel joy.

I laugh at the problems that hurt my heart.

I laugh at stupid politics.

Satire makes me laugh.

And like a drug, it helps me forget for just a brief moment in time.

I take my medicine because it's so good for me.

Have some medicine.

Go watch this..
and this, it's my friend Karen's kids, HILARIOUS! Mazda Rap


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