I Ain't Straight Out-a Compton, I'm Straight Out-da Trailer

Yesterday was a week since Hurricane Isaac and the tree tried to kill us. We have been living in the Catalina travel trailer since Monday night.

I get lots of text asking me how we are doing, and I am so very appreciative and actually shocked by how many people care about us. I was responding to that question with the standard "good" but there are times when good is not quite correct so I started saying "We are in stable condition".  We are good because we are alive and well for sure and living in a travel trailer is like living in a mansion compared to most of the worlds living conditions so perspective is daily being given to me.

Like how many people have been the hands and feet of Jesus to us is overwhelming really. Sunday night Dean and I were chipping away at the pile on the back porch and Nathan and Esther showed up fresh from church and started helping us. Then Hope and Craig brought us food so we all sat and ate together outside of the trailer, talking or should I say screaming over the generator to each other. I had to choke back tears several times because it was such a wonderful moment in time, all of us sitting in the dark, eating Fajitas, talking and laughing in the middle of a pretty rotten situation. It was so wonderful.

There are so many stories I could tell of friends reaching out to help us with this transition.

Nina from down the street took all the stuff that got wet in the house, that could be washed, and washed it for us. 3 huge garbage bags full!

Nathan and Esther packing, lifting, sorting and moving our stuff to the storage place.

Annette and Frank brought us dinner last night.

Jodi and Tabitha letting us use their generator.

Kim and Mark for taking the boys and giving us a date night.

Randy Rogers coming over to cut trees, move the trailer, and all kinds of stuff.

Rico Melancon bringing us the trailer.

Dan and Vicki letting us use the trailer.

Jeff and Kim Wells letting us stay at their house for 5 days!! And they were just the most amazing host. We felt so at home.

And all the people who came to help us get all the stuff out of the house. I was and still am overwhelmed at how many people came, Ryan, Taylor, Summer, Nadia, Jeff, Willie, Hope, Esther, Cortney and more that I feel so bad I'm forgetting but THANK YOU ALL!!!!!!!



I applied for FEMA the other day. It looks like we qualify for at least the money that replaces food you lost and household items but we may also get money for housing since we can't live in the house right now.

We have power in the house so we are currently using the laundry room, master bathroom and kitchen. But they are coming in to start ripping out drywall today so we wont be able to use kitchen and laundry room while they are doing the drywall work. Well, maybe the kitchen for a while, until they start tearing out the bottom cabinets so I'm not completely sure about all that.

No, we don't use the kitchen in the trailer because we don't have plumbing in there so we use the kitchen and bathroom in the house.

I pee a lot during the night. Yea, I have to walk from the trailer to the house to pee at 3am. Not fun.

We have two storage rooms that were given to us to use, Thank you Lonnie! and we have most of our stuff in there but some stuff is on the back porch and in the shed, Stuff we need to live with like clothes.

under my car port

the trailer and it's dark but you can see my patio table, that's where we spend most of our time.

Ice cream and brownies by the light of Tiki Torches. Darn Mosquito's!
the kids on the piece of tree I will use to make a table and fire place mantle

My friend Jeremy joked that we should keep a piece of the tree that tried to kill us and use it to make a beam in the ceiling, my brain took that and went in a different direction. I had the tree removal guys leave me a piece big enough to make a table base and a mantle piece out of. 

It really does all come back to story telling for me. What a great tale we will have to tell when someone comes over and ask "where did you get that fantastic table?" or "I love your mantle.." then one of us will be able to say, "let me tell you the story of that tree. See that tree tried to kill us during Hurricane Isaac.."


Babybloomr said…
"Nothing is wasted on the writer..."
It doesn't surprise me at all that you have *those kind* of friends-- the salt of the earth kind, I mean.

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