A Tree Fell on our House And..

I've been telling the story in real time as much as possible on Facebook and Instagram so I'm just going to copy and past my updates from Facebook and also some video's that Dean shot before and after the tree came down. I'm just too tired to write a complete blog about it.

August 29th Here's the story, we were home, Dean and I watching news in the living room, kids were in back bedroom building a fort with blankets, Tree came through the roof, I was hit with ceiling so was Dean, power was still on so grabbed phone and computer, told Kids to stay out of living room. Went and turned off electric at the box, E called 911 and Hope Boutte. I got some stuff together for the night. Kids climbed out Steele's bedroom window. Fire dept came, said can't cut tree until Entergy says it's safe because tree took powerline down and into house. They wouldn't let us go back in to get stuff or our kitten. They grabbed my important papers and put my paintings up on dining room table. Rain is still coming into living room. My leather couch, that was old, that Laura Loop gave me, is in there and it makes me sad. It was weathered and cool and 30 years old. And the lamp I got from the dream center that looked so retro..my books. I can't think about all that. Anyway, we are at Jeff and Kim Webb Wells house and it's warm, has cable, AC, food, and it's great, so we are fine. I swear it wasn't 2 minutes and Charity-Paul Trahan JP Brumfield Matthew LeBrun Haylee Teem and Corey Jeff Wells were in my driveway! Thank you church family!!

August 31st Update: friends came and helped us get everything out of house. Getting travel trailer tomorrow from Dan and Vicki Ohlerking to park in driveway and will stay in it while house is being repaired. May be a month or two. Our kitchen and back bathroom are only rooms undamaged so will use them as much as we can while staying in trailer. Thanks again to everyone who has offered to helped and has helped us! You were life savers! So very grateful!


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