What I Love About Hurricanes

So this hurricane Isaac is supposed to hit on Wednesday, the 7th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina and even though it's not expected to be more then a category 1 or 2 hurricane by land fall, people are freaking out here.

Which makes a little sense. It's our first hurricane of the season, Katrina was catastrophic and Gustav was bad, so I get why people are freaking out. 

We live in Baton Rouge Louisiana, which is located between the H and the S on the map up there, and as of right now it looks like we will get whatever Issac's got to give,  so, I want to take a minute to look on the bright side of living through a Hurricane...

  • If power goes out people go hang out outside. We sit on porches and lawns and actually interact with each other in the neighborhood. Like we use too.

  • Not as many cell phones and computers are working so there is less time on them and more time looking at each other and talking...like with our mouths not our thumbs.

  • People become friendlier. We talk to total strangers while standing in the line at Walmart. We all look worse because we'd rather not then to take a cold shower and we've been sitting in hot houses because of no AC, but we don't care. We've had a reality check, what's important is at home, waiting for some more canned Tuna, bottled water and a few more granola bars and trying to keep the cat from messing up the two day Monopoly game that's still set up on the dining room table.
Giveaway outside of the Baton Rouge Dream Center after hurricane Gustav

  • And the best part is getting to do what we do best as followers of Christ, and that is step up and be the hands and feet of Jesus during a crisis. Cots are prepped in fellowship halls as churches open up for people seeking shelter. Church kitchen's are bustling with servants of God cooking. People work giveaway lines from dusk till dawn. Generators are dropped off by strangers to families with medical needs. Sand bag assembly lines work day and night to keep back rising waters from entering a total strangers house. Men who have never met before set out together to cut trees and clean debris.

The very best angel's of our nature come out during Hurricanes.

I pray it becomes just another thunderstorm by the time it makes landfall but if it doesn't, Jesus is ready and he will show up and I love knowing that.


Carlen said…
I think this is incredibly poignant (did I spell that correctly?) given the outcome of Hurricane Isaac for the Turner's. Gotta take the good with the not-so-good, right? Love y'all.

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