I Need a Job Dang-it!

So yea, I need a job. Like a regular, everyday, go somewhere and make money kinda job. I can't make enough money painting. It' not consistent enough. I also can't make what I need to being an extra in movies, because, again, it's not consistent enough.

I really need to make $100 a day, 5 days a week, $2000 a month. That's what I need to make.

So I spent a couple days applying for jobs online.

Through Linkedin, (here's my profile, http://www.linkedin.com/pub/carole-turner/20/416/b7a check it out and hire me ;-)

and through Indeed.com.

But so far nothing but rejection.

I found out again, as I did before a few months ago, that I'm not qualified to make coffee at CC's coffee nor am I qualified to be an admin assistant there (although I have 10+ years of experience).


Worst yet was that I went and interviewed at Roux Wine bar here in Prairieville and I received a very nice email stating that they had found someone else more qualified to serve wine. Like really, how is that possible?

Maybe I'm a terrible interviewee?

I think it's because I'm not young and perky.

Then I got really excited because my friend Jordan Earles recommended me to a local band, to sing back up for them. They listened to the clips I have on YouTube of me singing and then asked me if I could come for an audition. I said yes, but I already had a work commitment as an Extra, on the day they wanted so they said I could come the next day. Well then I get a text telling me they had hired a guy and wouldn't be hiring a girl but would keep me in mind if he didn't work out.

Rejection and let down is all "looking for a job" is. I hate it.

AND there are always sales people trying to get you to be a miserable as they are. Yep, I said it. I think there will be sales jobs in hell, I hate it that much. There is no product I love enough to hound my friends, acquaintances and even total strangers enough to get them to buy it. From Mary Kay to Weight Loss supplements, everyone swears I can make SO MUCH MONEY selling what they sell, but then I'd have to message my friends to have parties for me and sell to them and there is NOTHING worse then selling to your friends. It's a total turn off to EVERYONE. Get mad at me if you want but that's the truth and you know it. Anyways, I hate sales jobs. HATE THEM.

I think the problem is I've been doing my own thing for so long. Painting, acting, cleaning houses, is all very flexible. I think employers look at that and aren't sure I can do the 9-5 maybe but truth is I've been working since I was 16 years old. I did the 9-5 faithfully for 10-15 years. I work my butt off, especially if I believe in what I'm doing, just ask my former bosses or Hope and Craig at the Dream Center, I volunteer there, I'm not paid, but I give all I have and I'm committed to helping in any way I can and have been for over 4 years.

Maybe I'm not good at selling myself?

Maybe God is just giving me time to finish my book?


Who the heck knows why I can't find the perfect job. I certainly am not the only person with this problem.

And actually the "perfect" job would look like me painting furniture for people 2-3 days a week and working on movies 2-3 days a week. oh and getting paid to sing in a band 3-4 times a month. Yep. That would do it.

Check out my resume, call me.


carlen said…
Perhaps (and this is just a thought, I've never hired anyone so I don't really know) your resume needs tweeking. When I was updating mine, I was reading about different kinds of resumes. You have a lot of experience doing lots of things, but some of that experience probably doesn't translate well into a "typical" job, so perhaps you should start off with your qualities/qualifications: excellent communicator, hard working, likes a challenge, artistic, thinks-outside-the-box, etc. And then condense the not-quite-so-relevant job experience.
Carole Turner said…
Thanks Carlen for your advice. I went to a few sites online and checked out some ideas there on how to make my resume better and changed mine (new one now posted on this post). I put in for two different positions at Coke, they look promising. I have a good "in" there :-) Thanks again for the help.

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