Gay and Chick Fil A Day

As you know from my Face book and Instagram posts, we are on vacation in Florida, but of course even on vacation I have been keeping up with the Chick Fil A drama.

I wanted to write a well thought out blog post about it complete with eye catching photos and links to news articles and famous bloggers thoughts on it but the cord to my Mac broke again and I've yet to get a new one so my dreams for this post have been reduced to typing it on my phone while riding west down I-10, no pictures, no links and certain typos and grammatical errors for the spelling nazi's to have fun correcting.

But to quote and over used yet completely true saying, "it is what it is". I press on and work with what I got.


Last night we stayed at my friend Karen's house in Keystone Heights. We had a great visit. We watched the Olympics, drank wine and as Karen put it "engaged in all the laughter we could in our short time together".

I also finally got the opportunity to talk with my young friend Kameron who, three years ago at the age of 19, came out as gay. Last night while sitting outside watching the kids play by the lake, I recorded an interview with him for over an hour. The interview is for a project I'm working on.

Kam was raised in the Baptist church, attended church weekly, loved youth group, youth camp and God. And since he can remember he has never been attracted to girls and always attracted to boys.

I also interviewed Karen's son Bradley for my project. Bradley and Kameron have been best friends for over 10 years. Bradley is not gay, we talked in-depth about how people always think he's gay and especially now that Kam has come out but he's not gay. He likes girls, does not desire to be with guys.

I asked Bradley his thoughts on Chick Fil A and he said something like, "Its never been a secret who and what Chick Fil A supports, so this isn't news. I've eaten Chick Fil A, I mean, the waffle fries, who can resist the waffle fries? And really it comes down to how they treat gay people. I've never heard anything about a gay person being treated any differently then a straight person at a Chick Fil A. but I still don't think I will be eating at one for a while. I'm not boycotting or anything really, I just don't like what he said because it hurt my friend."


I love Chick Fil A. My friend Cory owns one, my daughter worked there as many of my friends still do. Chick Fil A does a lot of wonderful things for foster kids and Corey's store alone has employed several At-risk youth, homeless men trying to get back on their feet and other people needing someone to just give them a chance. I honestly believe that as a company they do a lot more good then harm.

When all this news started swirling around and passions rose on both sides I started to see how we allow polarization of disagreement to happen so quickly. And yes, the media is mostly to blame because they make their money off of this juicy drama. There is nothing better for them then to blow something so out of proportion that someone becomes and absolute villain and a group of people become the absolute victim. But in reality if we looked at the Owners, founders, CEOs of other companies, and asked them the same question, we may find opinions we don't like. Or we would find men who learned long ago that giving an honest opinion on something controversial would cost them to much so they lie or sugar coat their answer as to please everyone. Men of conviction and honesty, even if we honestly disagree with them, should be at least respected and not made a villain for answering honestly.

But more important if not most important is what Bradley and I discussed about how Chick Fil A treats gay people. Their is no record of them treating anyone in their company or any customer with anything but the utmost respect. They are actually known for their exceptional customer service to everyone ad their great work environments.

It makes me sad that Truit Cathy's opinion hurt gay people but its more pertinent to examine how he treats people that he disagrees with and how his company treats people. I don't believe he dislikes gay people simply because he said he doesn't believe that we as a country should redefine marriage. He believes we are a Christian nation founded on biblical principals, one which is marriage being between one man and one woman so he wasn't being anti gay by saying that, he was stating his religious convictions. He appears to believe, as most conservative Christians do, that the separation of church and state is to be found in wanting government to not interfere or dictate what the church can or cant do but not in the churches influence on government or law making.

So today I will support my gay friends and be compassionate toward their desire to have the same rights as straight people have to marry legally and I will also support the right to free speech and religious freedom for Truit Cathy and Chick Fil A.


Anonymous said…
First of all, this post has more run-on sentences than a ranting Alabama fan on Tigerdroppings. I know you made some excuse up as to your poor grammar, but seriously, if you're gonna write for all to see have some professionalism. Besides the Tuscaloosa grammar and prose, this post reeks of a post modern wishey, washey ideology. I'm assuming this is because A) you lack the conviction to take definitive stance on the matter or B) you truly believe the God you claim to serve is an inclusive, bath robe wearing pansy with a fedora hat and trendy Toms. To sum up my beef, grow a pair, take an actual position and take some English classes.
Anonymous said…
Hey buddy. you are the creep here not her so shut the bob up! Her Mother. And you don't mess with my kids. Yea, I started that sentence with and. You want to make something of it!
Anonymous said…
Oh yea, and the subject matter is what matters not the grammar NOT HEAD!
Regina said…
Well said! You said everything I was thinking and feeling about this situation. I love your blog Carol!
Anonymous said…
It's knot head, NOT, not head
Anonymous said…
No. It is Not Head. You don't have a head. (Southern speak and all)
Anonymous said…
This is Doug. So I heard from someone that you wondered if I flamed your blog here and the answer is no. Except for a few weeks ago when you directed me over here, I've never read it and haven't returned until just now. Makes me wonder if you flamed yourself then accused me just to get me over here again. LOL. Seriously, now that I've read it, I'm wondering if you will ever come to a line that you won't step over in the spirit of supporting your (fill in the blank with popular liberal cause of the day) friends. Would appreciate it though if you would keep your accusations private between you and I until you've asked me first. I do have a pair and will identify myself like I just did. Anyway, no harm no foul. Just wanted to let you know that your hater is not me.
Carole Turner said…
Thanks Doug. I should have known you would not be a coward and post meanness anonymously.

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