Family Research Counsel Makes Being a Christian Much Harder

On Thursday I was cleaning a house that I clean every week. I usually have CNN on in the bedroom to watch while I'm ironing. We don't have cable at our house so this is the only time I watch it.

I heard them talking about the shooting at the Family Research Counsel offices in DC, I was horrified and yet very glad to hear that the security guy who was shot was doing good and did not die.

I listened intently as Tony Perkins came before the press to address this horrific incident. He started off sounding very Jesus like, asking for an end to hateful rhetoric and a call for civility then he said this.. watch the clip..

My jaw literally dropped when I heard him say "The Southern Poverty Law Center gave him a license to commit this crime by labeling us a hate group" He had just called for civility and an end to hateful rhetoric and then used that rhetoric.

An eye for an eye I guess.

He later went on other news shows and again declared this to be part of the war on Christian values in our country, war on freedom, etc. and again accused the Southern Poverty Law Center of causing this man to feel it was OK to shoot people he disagrees with.

I am honestly shocked by this. I really thought he would take the high ground, maybe say "forgive them for they know not what they do" because I know that he is a Christian. I know him personally, I use to work with him at a local TV station back in the late 80's so when he started talking so incendiary and using terms to encourage even more hatred and animosity between the extremes of religious right and liberal left, I was just so sad.

But elsewhere, there was a real example of Christian love in the face of violence. It was found in the response from the leaders of the Sikh temple where six of their members were killed by a terrorist. Watch..

Sikh are not followers of Christ but they certainly responded more like him then the Christian group did.

The Christian group refused to be gracious, extend a hand to the people they disagree with, the people who hate them, as Jesus would have done. They instead blamed the actions of one man on a political organization and reemphasized the war they believe they are in. Over and over Tony Perkins took to the media to use this tragedy to issue a basic "calling all soldiers, we are under attack, fight!" to his "family values" followers. So unlike Jesus.

If you wonder why so many people have no interest in being labeled "Christian" in this country, this is one prime example.

God help us.

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