My Thoughts on "Turning Pro" By Steven Pressfield

I hated this book! Like really hated it because it messed me up. It's one of those books that you shouldn't read if you are an artist, in any medium, who is comfortable living in self pity, fear, doubt, or laziness, you wont be comfortable any more if you read this.

Bottom line is, I'm an amateur. I make excuses rather then getting to work. I'm afraid my work wont be accepted, loved, bought so I tweet, blog, check Facebook and Instagram every two seconds rather then doing what I was put here to do and that is to create, write, sing. I'm an artist and I have wasted way to much time NOT being the artist I am inside.

So this book cracked my skull open and now I'm a mess. A complete mess.

But, I'm working the mess. I've decided I will be a pro if it kills me. And it will kill me-while it makes me alive. 

See, it's not like Turning Pro equates to making money, Sometimes it doesn't, a lot of the time it doesn't but Turning Pro means you do IT! You act on that dream you buried under fear, you sit down and write when there is nothing. you go into the studio every day, you write everyday, you paint every day, in the famous words of the author of the book, you get to the work.

Pros work. Amateurs dream. 

I wish I could elaborate more but honestly, I'm still just a wreck. I feel like I've had my skin ripped off and had my A@# kicked royally.

Read the book artist. Read it and turn pro.

Life is short. Stink on a stick, life is short!!


cve said…
For the record, I will buy your book. So you should finish writing it. And I'll read it.

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