What We Complain About...

"What we complain about is what we're gifted at." Ben Arment

When I read that I was like, "hum..."

I thought about that for a while and as far as this blog goes, on here I complain the most about inequality, both in the church (the haves and the have nots, the hard line on drinking VS no stand on gluttony, leaders who talk VS leaders who do, Women and Men, etc) and in the world, (adoption and orphan care, the plight of black boys, the poor, etc)

So if I complain about these things; inequality, double standards, unfairness, then am I gifted at leveling the playing field?

Maybe helping people see both sides of issues that they believe there is only one side to?

Is that my gift since that's what I complain about the most?

I think so.


I know that if you want to piss me off royally, put someone in a nice neat box, especially the poor or the outcast, because you don't know unless you have spent time in their life and even then, you only have a taste.

Get in the pit and try to love someone! Outside of that, your just guessing.


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