The Rock Show

Dean got free tickets to see Gretchen Wilson, 3 Doors down and ZZ Top Friday night. We missed the Redneck Woman and I was pretty bummed about that but Three Doors Down was really good. They play music. They are a Rock and Roll band, not showy or flashy just straight music. I've always been a fan of theirs, I have two of their CDs but I know a lot of the cool musicians around my circles don't like them. Which I really don't understand outside of the fact that if one really cool musician says "they suck like Nickel Back" then younger guys fall in line so maybe that's what happened. I don't know. But I will proudly say that I loved them last night. The leads vocals were perfect and the music was tight.
Brad Arnold, Lead singer for 3 Doors Down, came out into the audience to sing amongst the people.

ZZ Top was ok, they were the headliners and most of the fans were definitely there to see them but I just got bored during their time. I like Tush, Sharp Dressed Man, Legs, those songs but other then that, well, I liked 3 Doors Down better.

I love watching fans at concerts. There was one guy who was just captivating. He never sat down during the Three Doors set and he pumped his fist in the air, passionately sang along to every song, and danced like no one was around. Sure he had just a little bit of liquid courage in him but still, I enjoyed watching him get lost in the music, wrapping himself in every beat and intensely singing every phrase. He was lost in the music. He had opened his soul and let it invade every nook and cranny of it.

Ah the people watching fun of the Rock Show.

Good times.

Creeper shot of the super fan. He was the most fun to watch. Even when all the people around him were sitting down during a song, he wasn't. He was singing, swaying, clapping.

ZZ Top



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