Questions to ask About Yourself

I took this list of questions we should ask ourselves from Ben Arment's blog, He's all about helping creative people live up to their potential.

There's no experience, no relationship, no childhood memory, no part-time job, no tragedy, and no talent that's wasted on you. It all culminates into one beautiful compilation of purpose...

Here are some questions to ask about yourself:

1. In what areas have I excelled?
2. What were the defining moments in my life?
3. What passion or interests can I not shake?
4. What are my holy frustrations? Righteous indignations?
5. What hard work would I gladly do for free?
6. What kinds of people are drawn to me?
7. What can I not believe someone isn't doing something about?!
8. What comes really easy for me?
9. Where do my gifts collide with what other people need?
10. What were my interests and tendencies as a child?

Answering these questions can help us know if we are really "living the dream", living the life we were meant to live. I honestly think I'm right where I am supposed to be based on how I answered these questions. But I also see another phase kicking in. I'm ready.


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