The Family- Stick Figure Collection

Usually I get a glimpse of a painting before I paint it. It's like God flashes a picture in front of me real fast and I grasp for it with my mind but it disappears so I only remember a part of it and I have to create the rest.

I was at the Dream Center Wednesday helping to get ready for our new mid week service that pastor Craig called "The Family" and while I was running around doing different things to prepare, I got a flash of these stick people on black. I knew I had to paint them.

Not all of them are someone from the Dream Center, but some of them are.

We are a colorful fun family.

I'm not a freaky super spiritual person but art makes me more so then any prayer time or bible study. I talk to God more when I'm creating art. I quite literally say "what's next lord?" So I wanna tell him thank you lord for giving me this gift and for being their to guide my hand when I ask, "What's next".

Thanks for The Family-Stick Figure Collection.
I don't know who these kids are, maybe it's my kids with another girl, which we all want..except Dean.

This is John and Stacy Stewart. They lead BRDC Kids. They are amazing.

I don't know who these people are, is that Mrs. Carlen and Kate in the middle? Who are those other kids?

Steele informed me that this is the guy from Diary of a Wimpy Kid. I found a picture online and painted it like the picture so it probably is. I just knew I wanted a goofy one.

I joked on Instagram that this was pastor Craig and Hope but I don't know who it is really.

This is Derrek and Eric Wright and Eric Harris. I love those boys.


They now hang on the wall  of the Rec room at the Dream Center