Why Writing My Life Story is Taking FOREVER!!

Wednesday I wrote a little of "the kiss on the cheek" story and posted it here.
It's a part of my life story that I've been trying to write for a couple of years.
I've only written sporadic stories from it lately.
But I do think about it everyday.
It's just too emotional sometime.
One time my friend Donna Frank told me it's because it's like tearing open a healed wound.
She wrote her story, so she knows.
And she's right.
It takes a lot out of you and it hurts to cut open old wounds.

After I wrote that little bit Wednesday and posted it here on the blog, I text Karen, Wade and Jimmy Clyde to let them know that I had mentioned them on the blog.
These are the text I exchanged with Wade..

And with Jimmy Clyde..

Everyone from the youth pastor to the guy I kissed on the cheek went on to recover from that meeting. 
It really was just our life then. 
It was the dark ages. 
We are all friends still to this day because forgiveness and mercy are stronger then stupidity and teenage drama when Jesus is the common thread in friendships.

And that is what my life story is really all about, redemption and forgiveness. 
It doesn't make writing it any easier though.


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