My Thoughts on TIME Magazine's Breast Feeding Cover

I love TIME magazine but I am ticked right now at their blatant sexualization of breast feeding and their drama creating headline "Are You Mom Enough?".

Are you trying to be NewsWeek, TIME? Throw out tacky bait? That is way more their style.

As one commenter said on the Yahoo site, this magazine cover doesn't show the reality of nursing. Nursing is a nurturing experience where the child is cradled in your lap most times, they aren't standing up getting a snack from your boob while your checking out at the grocery store.

Also, TIME conveniently found a hot blond nursing mom to put on the cover.

Like I said, this is blatant sexualization.

I nursed Evangeline until she was 2. I loved every minute of it. But I knew women who nursed their kids until age 3 and even 4. It's not for everyone, each person has to decide when to ween their child but those of us who nursed our toddlers aren't freaks and we aren't trying to start a war with moms who don't nurse at all or as long.

When TIME puts the words "are you mom enough" on it's cover with a women standing up breast feeding her three year old, it hurts all mothers not just the ones who nurse because it perpetuates the competitiveness in mothering.

I certainly fell victim to it when I first had Evangeline. I thought that attachment parenting was the best way to parent and as you can imagine, I was very vocal. But I had friends who did "Growing Kids Gods Way" which was the complete opposite of attachment parenting. At first, I judged them and I know they judged me and all this having to be right caused tension between us. But then over time and after a few more kids, we all relaxed our hard lines a little and realized that once life starts happening, you wind up eating a lot of your words. And we all ate our fair share of the words, "I'll never".

What mothers need is to have grace for each other and not to buy into this competition and judgement that TIME is trying to exasperate.

No thank you TIME magazine, I won't be taking your bait.


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