Steele's Birthday, Why it's Always a Day of Celebration

How blessed am I that God chose me to be your momma my baby boy Steele! I love you more then words can say.

I think about your birth mom every year on this day. I'm so thankful that she chose life and chose daddy and I to be your parents.

This is always a day of celebration.

Happy Birthday Steele!!


This is the abbreviated version, taken from my page, "Birth and Adoption Miracles".

One day in February 2004, at a church sponsored health fair, I saw a booth for His Heart for Orphans adoption ministry. I went over and talked to the lady in charge of it. Her name was Aimee and her and her husband had just started this ministry at our church. The ministry was to help families find financial resources for adopting and provided support to families that have adopted or were trying to adopt. I told her how we wanted to adopt but felt it was too expensive, she looked me right in the eyes, gently grabbed my arm and said “if you ever have an opportunity to adopt, don’t let money stop you. God can and will provide the money”. I walked away in tears and shaking. I tried to brush it off as her not understanding OUR financial situation but God was moving.

One month later on March 21st 2004, I received a call from my sister informing me that a girl she worked with was giving her baby up for adoption. The girl had walked into my sister’s office and asked her if we wanted to adopt her baby. (My sister had told many people about our fertility issues and desire to adopt a bi-racial child) The girl was pregnant with a bi-racial baby boy. He was due at the end of May.

We started the process and I immediately became overwhelmed with the cost. We had no savings, no credit cards, it seemed impossible. I was laying in bed feeling overwhelmed by doubt and fear. I prayed and then I thought “I wonder what scripture verse is printed on the journal page that I wrote about getting the call from my sister on?” For some reason I had not noticed the scripture verse when I wrote in my journal that day. I grabbed my journal, opened it to that page and saw “With man this is impossible, but not with God; all things are possible with God." Mark 10:27. I showed it to Dean, we were both silent, God had spoken. It was gonna be ok.

Exactly two months later, on May 21st 2004, we were in a hospital in Florida getting our son Steele. Yes, Aimee was right, God provided all the money. Impossible time frame (only 2 months from the first call to his birth) and an impossible money situation, all were met by a God bigger then any circumstance.
Steele yesterday with his birthday present. He has been begging us for a cat. He named her Gabby after his first girlfriend, Gabby Jarreau who now lives in Africa.


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