My First Time Ever Leading Worship

Sunday was my first time ever leading worship. I have been on the BRDC worship team since 2008 and I sing the lead on a song or two but Mike and Jodi Malone are the leaders, Jodi is the lead vocalist and Mike plays keys. But they went out of town so they pushed me to the lead.

I was reluctant. I am not comfortable leading worship. I play tambourine and sing alto, but since I had to sing the lead on all three songs, there was no way I could play my tambourine, because I can hardly play it and sing back up much less play it and lead. My nice warm spot on the stage near the key board, I had to move from it and into the center of the stage. My Mic stand, I had to leave it over there too. My I-like-not-talking-during-worship had to go also, because pastor Craig said that I had to greet the people, interact with them, all that stuff.

I am the Ron Swanson of the BRDC worship team.

But Sunday, I had to lay down everything that was comfortable to me. My fear of failure, that place where I was comfortable, had to go because I had to lead worship. No pressure.

And so I did and you know what? It actually went great.

I think it went great for several reasons, one being because the BRDC worship band is AMAZING!! The music was tight as a drum! (pun intended oh excellent drummer Jeremy Beyt) every musician just really nailed the songs.  And every singer, some that are brand new to the team, were just spot on the money!

And most importantly, God was there. He blessed us and this family I love, the Baton Rouge Dream Center family, we all worshiped Him together as a family and that's why it was great.

But I can't let this post end all mushy and spiritual. I know, I know, I probably should but I was sent these picture tonight by Frank, our bass player who actually played keys on Sunday and his wife took these pictures. When I got them I was like "Oh Dear Lord, I have to make fun of myself in these pics!" They are just to to full of ripe material.

I've made several notes of what NOT to do for next time...

Enjoy the captions..

Why am I so slouchy? And I see now why they tell worship leaders to smile. I look like I'm ticked. great!

"That's it Sue, don't lift your arm any higher cuz that old lady arm flab is already jiggling"

Why did I show my knees? They look 45 years old..wait..they are 45 YEARS OLD YOU FOOL!!

"Please snot, get back up in the nose, don't start running down my face now."

"Ugh! Who farted?"


JoJo said…
Girl, you are a trip! I kinda liked the mushy side of CST!

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