Momma Sings

My momma is a great singer. When her and my dad first got married back in the early 60's they had a band and my mom sang in it. My mom and dad divorced when I was only one and my mom raised us alone. Dreams of being a famous singer gave way to living with her parents, working two jobs, applying for food stamps, and struggling to raise three kids alone.

But she never stopped singing.

Every morning growing up, while we were getting ready for school and her for work, all of us in our little bathroom, trying to bathe, use the toilet, put on makeup and brush teeth, my mom would sing. I remember many mornings when I would just sit on the toilet and watch her and listen to her sing.  I was amazed that she could memorize so many of the words to songs.

She was the most beautiful women in the world and she had the most beautiful voice.

She still is.

We butt heads on many things, she gets mad at me and I at her but she's my momma and a lot of who I am today is because of her.

I sing because she sang.

Happy Mothers day Mom! I love you.

And thank you for singing.

Family pic from 1990. (back) My sister Donna, Step Dad Gary, my brother Joe, mom, and me. (Front) grandpa, grandma, my niece Candice and nephew Timmy.

Mom and Gary with the kids, summer 2011


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