Christian's Don't, OK? Just Stop...


I know you have all seen the footage of Eddie Long being crowned King at his church. There was a big stink about it, and rightly so, he has sex with teen age boys, lies about it, pays them off and yet still leads his church because, "He's Gods Anointed". Ugh!! Stop with the "God's anointed" line preachers! YOU ARE NOT A KING! Don't twist the scriptures about kings and anointing and use that to somehow apply to you as a preacher, it doesn't.

I know the Eddie Long thing is the extreme of the crazy but the problem is I see leader worship all of the time in the church, especially in our young people. I don't think it's the pastors fault always, I think it's sometime that kids need direction in that area on how to navigate respect and honor without falling into worship and idolatry. 

This is what I told Evangeline one day after we saw some kids who were wearing lapel pins they had made with their pastors face on it;  If you love your pastor, great, but your pastor isn't a politician, he's not a movie star, he's not God or a king in any way, he's a servant of God and truly anointed leaders, according to what I read in the bible, are not the ones you gaze at from an audience while they tell you to serve the poor and love God, they are the ones who are leading by example, actually serving the poor and loving GOD (Jesus is the perfect example of this). Think Mother Theresa, she rarely went onto a stage because she was too busy DOING God's work and being Jesus to HIS people. Don't idolize any man, especially Godly men because the first are last and the last are first in the end.

So don't put them on pedestals OK, stop making kings and Gods out of them, just stop.


If you are considering sending me or anyone, an email, Facebook message or YouTube video with conspiracy theory crap about Obama during this election season, your wasting your time. I like him, I support him, I'm voting for him.

We all know you want us to believe that it's the end of the world, Obama is the Anti Christ and your kids hearing about gay couples getting married will cause them to be gay pedophiles.

And I know you will try to ignore or down play the fact that this time last year you thought Mormon's were all a demonic cult, because now you have to vote for one because you certainly can't vote for the anti-Christ.

I know all your angles, I drank that cool aide for 20 years, so just don't OK? There's no love of Jesus in that, your witness is Republican, not Christian when you act like that during an election so just stop.


I first heard this phrase used by a lady preacher, who I actually like what she says some of the time but she kept using this term while talking about how she got treated special on flights and stuff and I just wanted to vomit. But the bigger problem is that now I see a lot of people I know using it the same way. 

When you get bumped to first class on a flight, or get a great deal on a rental car, or an unexpected free meal at a restaurant, don't playfully say "favor ain't fair" because you sound like a privileged jerk who thinks Gods favor is for bragging rights. The favor of God didn't look like that in the bible, just check it out if you don't believe me and even if it did there's no humility in bragging about it. Think about Joseph and how he had favor with God, he could have bragged for days to his eating-crow-brothers but instead he was broken and humble and gracious towards them.

So next time please, just think about just how douchey that sounds. And I don't know, maybe take a second to consider the child prostitute who at the very moment you are bragging about God's favor is in the middle of having her vagina sewed back up after a day full of sex with strange men so she can seem like a virgin to the next round of guys that she'll be rented to. I guess her "favor" with God would be a clean sewing needle? Yea, I went THERE because bragging about how you got blessed and somehow your  %50 off the shoes you wanted equals God's favor is just so completely wrong.

So don't, OK? just stop it.


Anonymous said…
Favors not fair, isn't only bad terminology it's horrible theology. Paul addressed this issue with the Corinthians (1 Cor 4: 6-14)
(8) Now you are full now you are rich, you have reigned as kings without us:and I would to God that you did reign, that we might also reign with you.

He goes on to tell them what their "favor" was costing them...fools for Christ, dispised, hungry, thirsty, naked, homeless...."the filth of the world".

Love you Carole Sue!

Regina said…
Awesome blog!
Anonymous said…
You a so strong willed for being so stupid. The only other people who are care to hear your opinion are those who are just as emotionally unstable and needy as you are.

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