Why am I Not on the 'Top Christian Women Bloggers' List?

I read some great blogs, three of the blogs that I read regularly are Christian women blogs.

Rachel Held Evans rachelheldevans.com

Jamie the Very Worst Missionary at theveryworstmissionary.com

and my friend Karen at karensporch.blogspot.com

The other day on Rachel Evan's blog she linked to a post on ChurchRelevance.com  titled, "Where are the Top Christian Women Bloggers?" Rachel was directing her readers to go and tell Church Relevance about all the great Christian women bloggers there are out in the blogsphere.

I went and looked at the list and I thought "Why is my blog not on this list?" I know, I shouldn't be thinking that, Mother Theressa wouldn't think that and I certainly shouldn't be saying it out loud even if I did think it.

After I thought it, I went and sat on the toilet and told myself "that doesn't matter. Your acting like a wanna be Mega church pastor or something.Who cares if a lot of people read your blog? That's not important. Your so shallow Carole!"

Then I went to the Church Relevance blog and left this comment...

I like my blog. Yep, I said it, I’m pimping my own blog here on this list. People think I don’t know a butt load about the gospel but I do (Nacho Libre) and I blog about it. I tell stories of faith, post interesting nuggets from one of my day jobs as a movie extra, I also get my preach on sometime and I am not at all ashamed of the fact that I’m a Redneck-hippy who has a Lord of the Rings tattoo and a map of middle earth above my bed. 

See, your thinking what I’m trying to get you to think aren’t you? “what more could anyone ask for in a Christian Women blog?” 

Check it out at carolesmithturner.com

Then after I posted that comment I thought, "Your so needy sounding, 'please read my blog, please like me, I'm funny, think I'm a great writer, blah blah blah'" 

But then I was like, "Hey, what about all the authors out there selling their books? They do book signings, tweet about the book, say stuff like 'I'm so honored and humbled to have been reviewed in News Week'?" 

Then  I started thinking of all the reasons that I wouldn't make such a list..

To many typo's and misspelled words.

Getting too redneck too often.

Being too critical about everything from Over Used Christian Terms to Spiritual Pissing Contest.

Talking to much about my love of Kidd Rock's music.

Talking to much about Lord of the Rings.

Always using the words too, two, and to incorrectly.

And in my neck of the woods, since I'm not a Republican and I'm also NOT quite about it, maybe talking too much politics.

The list of reasons that I think could possibly be the reasons that I'm not on the cool "Christian Lady Bloggers" list could go on and on.

I could get serious about it all and say how I want my work recognized, how hard I work at blogging, how I want to change the world with my words, make people think, etc but really it all comes down to wanting people to like you. Or I should say, me, wanting people to like me, or even if they don't like me so much, I want them to like what I have to say.

Writers of books and articles write wanting someone to read it, artist paint wanting someone to love their painting, movie makers make movies hoping and praying that people will buy tickets to them. No artist would ever make any money from their art without that desire in them, the wanting to "sell" their art. We all just want someone to say, "wow, I like that, thanks".

The lady bloggers on that list got that.

You go girls, I'm jealous but I'm also happy for you all and I think this blog post is probably a perfect example of why I didn't make the list.


Joyelle said…
holy cow woman, i really do think you are funny, you are a riot! I'm glad i found your blog tonight and to be honest I'd like to hang out with you over coffee and talk FACE TO FACE... but i guess I'll have to be satisfied with just reading your blog ;-) oh and my hubbies name is in the credits (after special features i think) of Lord of Rings, cause he was in their fan club, so i just thought I'd impress you with that... oh yes, it's true... oh and I love to paint as well and my husband is actually a painting contractor and we 'd like to adopt someday (i loved reading about all your beautiful kids!) so OK, i'm going to stop going on and on here. I must be sounding like some creepy stalker... :-)but I like you, REALLY i do...

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