Evangeline Singing

Last night Evangeline was a contestant in Ascension Idol-Dutchtown High finals. She was one of 10 students chosen from her school to enter the contest. For the try outs she sang "It's a Man's World by James Brown. Last night she sang Back to Black by Amy Winehouse. She didn't place. The judges said the song was too safe, one said it was putting her to sleep. They all said she had a "nice" bluesy voice but they felt she was holding back her personality by choosing that song. 

I told her to take everything they said and learn from it. I know it's hard, believe me, I know.

I actually thought she did amazing and that she sounded better then a couple of the kids who went on to the next round. I know, I'm her mom, I'm most definitely biased but I'm also very honest with her and if she sounds bad, I'll be the first to say so in a constructive way of course. But she didn't sound bad, she sounded amazing. 

I was so caught up in her singing that I forgot to record it except for the last 35 seconds of the song. Here it is along with a few pics I took last night at the contest. 

I'm so proud of her. She's a great singer.


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