What Instagram Category do you Fit Into?

I love Instagram. One of the things I hated most about my three months of using an Android, was that I didn't have Instagram. I would have to use Dean or Evangeline's iphones if I wanted to post an instagram.

Do you have instagram? Do you follow me on instagram? I'm "CaroleTurner" on there if you don't and want to.

I post 3 to 5 pics a day usually, as you know if you know me.

But what if you didn't know me, hadn't read my bio on my instagram profile, read how I describe myself, what would you see in the pictures I take?

What would you think I valued?

Have you ever looked at your instagram photos through that lens?

Consider this a social experiment.
Take a look back at what you take pictures of and broadcast to the world through Instagram.

It's a pretty interesting snap shot of who we are I think.
Or maybe what we want to be?
What we want others to think of us?
What's important to us.
or maybe what we want to project as important to us?

I worked as clerical support for mental health counselors for many years so I may be over analyzing this...but maybe not.

One day I went to a friends profile to see all his pictures and I even showed it to Dean, "look, only pictures of his wife and kids" I observed.

It fascinated me. I thought about how, If I didn't know him at all, It wouldn't be hard to know just by looking at what he post on instagram, what he thinks is important. His family.

But I do know him and I know this is a true picture of his heart. He loves them more then anything.

That's pretty cool.

So for fun I started to look at a bunch of different peoples profiles and analyze the different "types" of Instagramers that I follow. 

Here are some of the "categories" of instagramers I came up with...  

The Church Infatuation-gramers
They mostly post pictures of their church. Inside the church. Outside the church. Preachers preaching on the stage of the church. Them sitting in the church. Because, well they love their church. Church is life to them or maybe they just don't go anywhere else. Or worse, they don't find beauty any where else.

The Scripture-gramer
They only post scripture versus. They read something, like it, post it. All. Day. Long. If we were in China with no bibles, I'd be really happy I followed them on Instagram.

The My-Kids-Are-My-Life-gramer
They love their kids and they are absolutely sure that everyone else wants to see pictures of their kids. And who doesn't love a cute baby? I know I do.

The Artsy-gramer
They are very purposeful in what they take a picture of. When they whip out the iPhone, it's because they have seen art and they want to capture it. They make us want to send their pics to walmart photo lab, get a 16 by 20 made of it and stick that sucker in a frame to hang on the wall above the fire place.

The Teen-Girl Fish Face-gramer
They only take pictures of themselves. No, wait, they also take pictures of themselves with other people. They are the center of their universe. They find beauty, greatness, badness, ugliness, everything, right there, in their puckered-lip fish face. Their main care in life is being just like every other girl their age and they are because that's all any of them are taking pictures of, themselves. 

The Fun-gramer
These are my favorite. These are the people who find funny things to take pictures of or their captions are what make the pictures funny. It's like Comedy central-picture edition.

What other catagories can you think of?

What catagory do you fit in?

Below are my last few pages of instagrams. I'm kinda schizophrenic I think....


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