Masculinity and the Bible

I copied part of Skye Jethani's recent blogpost and pasted it below. I think he nails the real range of "Biblical Masculinity".

Warriors and weepers, eunuchs and dancers...biblical men defy our cultural demand for a simple definition.

Feb 6th, 2012 | By Skye Jethani | Category: Culture, Faith, Formation, Main Feature  

The debate about gender roles and qualities is heating up again because of the remarks from some notable church leaders

But I’m confused? As I read the Scriptures I have a difficult time discerning what exactly God thinks about “masculinity.” 

Was it “masculine” when Adam blamed his wife for his failure? (Gen 3:12)

Was it “masculine” for Abel to be a rancher unlike his less-masculine brother the farmer? (Gen 4:2)

Or was Cain “masculine” for being aggressive and killing his brother? (Gen 4:8)

Was it “masculine” for Abram to leave his father’s home to be his own man? (Gen 12)

How about when he offered his wife (twice) to Pharaoh to protect himself? (Gen 12:12-13)

Was it “masculine” when Abram went to battle to save his nephew? (Gen 14)

How about when he impregnated his wife’s servant? (Gen 16)

Was it a mistake for God to bless Jacob, “a quiet man who dwelt in tents,” rather than his “masculine” brother Esau, a hunter? (Gen 25:27)

Was it “masculine” when Moses killed the Egyptian? (Ex 2)

Were Bezalel and Oholiab “masculine” when God called and gifted them to “devise artistic designs,” to “work in gold, silver, and bronze,” and sew “finely worked garments”? (Ex 31:1-10)

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