I'm Incapable of This. Of Course You Are

I came to the fork in the road and I picked a route.
I am at peace.
I have no idea what now other then I know I will have to follow some rules that are stupid, but that's life.
Really, think about it, do you work at a business? Do they have procedures, guidelines, rules, protocol that you disagree with? Like wearing a badge, or having to wear a suite to work or not being allowed to buy the competitors product?
Yea, it's life.
Stupid rules are everywhere, like having to have an inspection sticker on your vehicle. At one time the rules seemed like a good idea..to someone, for some reason.
Any way, the bottom line is I am called to do certain things and I am in a place where I get to do what I'm called to do.
It's what makes me happy, it's what makes me sad, it's what fires up my soul, it's what makes me feel alive. So it's worth having to live within certain parameters, because the truth is I'm more free when I'm dong what I'm called to do, then when I'm walking in pissed-offness at a few rules I have to live by. Yes, that's a word. I just made it up.

SO today, it's a good day. I've found myself, I've lost myself and I chose to be a David, not an Absalom, not a Saul but a David.

I know I'm talking in code, sorry.

Just know that no matter what God calls you to do, there will be sacrifice, and you may feel like your incapable of it. No worries, you are incapable of it, but He isn't and the bottom line is, this life isn't about me or you and when we let go of things we find ourselves in the trust we give to God.

Go where the peace is. Not the ease, but the peace.

"They say freedom is just another place to hide. But now I'm coming to you with my arms open wide. Oh wont you tell me where could I go but to the lord?" Ben Harper


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