Diet Journal Video and Before and After Pics

 Ok, so yea, I'm totally wearing the sad face in my "before" pics and I have on grey and no make up, you know, the typical before picture you would see in diet adds. And like them also, is my "after" pic. I am wearing all black, which automatically makes you look slimmer, I have on make-up and I'm smiling. But, the truth is I lost 12 pounds in 21 days and I have never been able to loose that much weight. So, I have a reason too smile..mainly because I'm done with the diet!! YEA!!

Now I am the "Low Carb" phase of the diet and I've upped my caloric to 1200 a day and I'm gonna start doing Just Dance 3. I also MUST do stomach exercises! The beast is still loose and flabby. I wish I could afford a Tummy Tuck, how does it get so loose?!!

Anyway, Here's my pics and below them is another video Diary Entry.


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