Diet Days-Come Along for the Ride

I've decided to do the HCG diet. Yes, the diet that might grow me a male organ..or two.

No, it's not that bad but I did make fun of it before, while I was researching it, but I think it's safe..enough that is.

I know several friends that lost LOTS of weight doing it and none of them grew any new apendages or had any real side effects.

Anyway, I started it yesterday.

I will be on this diet until January 30th.

My goal is to lose 20lbs.

I only get to eat 500 calories a day.

Yes, you read right, 500 calories a day!

BUT I take a shot of this HCG hormone that is SUPPOSED to help me not be hungry while only eating 500 calories a day.

You can read all the details of the diet and how it works HERE.

Yesterday and today were the "load in" days where I take the shot but I eat lots and lots of fatty foods.

You would think that would be fun and easy but it wasn't.

Tomorrow starts the 500 calories.

Honestly, I kinda doubt that I will be able to maintain that.

But we will see.

We will all see because it will be on my YouTube channel.

I just thought it would be a good idea to have some form of accountability so I'm gonna do a daily video journal.

So if your feeling voyeuristic and/or board, come along for the journey... Here is the first entry.
You can follow my progress daily on my youtube channel


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