Diet Day 13 and Why I'm not Feeling so Guilty

Above is my video diary from today. You can follow all my progress on my YouTube site, and you'll see, I'm having trouble staying under 500 calories a day. I AM ALWAYS HUNGRY!!!

But, below is a Dr. talking about being able to eat more then 500 calories a day on this diet and I've watched other video's of people who ate 800 or so a day and still lost weight SO, I'm not feeling so bad about it now.

I think I will stick with this till the end, which is next weekend, but I will try to stay around 600-800 calories a day instead of 500. You can also find the real Dr. Oz (the above video says "Dr. Oz" on it but it's not THE Dr. Oz) cover the pros and cons of this diet on his show, on YouTube.

Here is part one, but watch all 5 parts to learn all about it. (The people who say they were never hungry are crazy!!!)


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