2011, Part 1: If You Had Told Me This Time Last Year That..

This time last year, If you had told me that Dean, my kids and I would be in over 18 movies by 2012 and my occupation would be "Movie Extra", I would have squealed like a teenage girl and laughed at you in your face.

If you had told me that we would be far better off financially by this Christmas, I would have sighed and hoped you were right.

If you had told me that Evangeline would be back on insulin shots, not on a pump anymore, and I would be happy about this, I would have given you that mean look of disbelief.

If you had told me that I would not be spending three to five days a week at the Dream Center anymore, I would have been so sad and just sure you were wrong.

If you had told me this time last year that while I saw myself as a leader, others saw me as a liability, I would have dismissed you as "just bitter". And kept on believing what I wanted too.

If you had told me that Dean and I would be attending a married couples connect group AND we would be loving it, I would have laughed knowing you certainly must not know me very well.

THIS is why God doesn't tell us stuff in advance.

So much change. And it's all good.

Stay tuned for 2011, part 2 ...I don't know what it's gonna be about yet :-)


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