Who Cares?

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It's too outrageous to even believe....

In a May TV interview, former New York Giants star Lawrence Taylor was matter-of-fact about his rape of a 16-year-old girl, justifying himself because she was, after all, part of "the oldest profession in the world." Her hurt, her pain, meant nothing as long as his needs were met ... his only concern was for himself - that he'd have to answer to his wife.

His "punishment" was six years of probation and registering as a sex offender.

His life goes on ...

... her life is wrecked.

But who cares?

In August, a physician and former TV sportscaster, Marvell Scott, was given a misdemeanor sentence of 20 days community service for raping a 14-year-old child!

His career is unimpeded by such a trifling incident ...

... she will never ever be the same.

But who cares?

I care! And I know you care, too. These are crimes of child sex trafficking. Under federal law, these rapists could have gotten a much-deserved felony conviction and 10 to 15 years in prison. Under state law? A completely different story.

And here's why - most cases and dispositions happen at the local, not federal, level. And traffickers and buyers are smart ... they'll take their business to a neighboring state if the laws there are more relaxed.

Disgusting news like this is why, with the support of friends like you, we're working to change the climate in the U.S. so that such travesties cannot continue under weak state laws.

[Because you care for the ruined child left behind, please stand with me generously now to help defend our children from sexual predators and restore the victim to new life.]

We've undertaken the Protected Innocence Initiative - a state-by-state "report card" that will expose the injustices that exist in current state laws and light the fire of change.

Along with it, we've launched a nationwide public awareness campaign that features billboards that vividly proclaim, "This Man Wants to Rent Your Daughter" and ask, "Are You OK with That?!" Our prayer is that the flame will be fanned into fire by concerned activists like you and legislators in every state so that children don't suffer and monsters don't walk away free to buy again.

I ask you to join with us financially to help Shared Hope complete this intense research and costly project. I am convinced that it will change America, state by state ... including your own.

At the same time, through your compassionate support, we will continue in the important work of restoring lives around the world - reaching out to enslaved young women and girls ... and their innocent babies ... both domestically and internationally, and offering them rescue, restoration, safety, and hope.

Help us light the fire of change, in state after state, community after community, for the sake of America's daughters.

Linda Smith  

Linda Smith
Founder and President of Shared Hope International


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