The people of Epic After School

This is Eric (my Evangeline is behind him :-) Eric started coming to after school in 2008 when he was 14. A few times over the years he has been homeless, failing out of school, with no money or place to live and being pulled by his peers towards the streets. But some men took him and his twin brother under their wings and the boys got GED's, jobs, purpose. They started studying Gods word, got plugged in at church and now, three years later, Eric and his brother help lead the after school program.
This is Paul, leader of the Epic After school Program,  talking with two of the boys who he connected with in 2008, that are 18-19 years old now but still come around to play ball and hang with him. They know we are here for them, the DC is here, Paul is here.
This is Kelvin. One day he told Mrs Chris, who runs the computer lab at after school, that he wanted to do a digital map project to help combat all the violence he sees around his home. He loves working on the computers.

This is Beau wrestling with Oris, (who is Kelvin's older brother). Beau is 28 years old. He used to be involved in all kinds of criminal street thug activities, and it landed him in prison a few years ago. That was his wake up call, now Beau is on his second year at Healing Place School of Ministry and he works with Paul overseeing the Epic After school program.
This is Troy. Troy gives off a cold, guarded exterior but once you break through that tough shell, you see there's a kind sweet boy in there. He's really blossomed since coming to the program last summer.
Nicholas, the tall one, has been a part of the after school program since 2008, now he brings his little brother with him.
John (with the backward ball cap on) is a Healing Place School of Ministry Intern. He's playing ball with some of the leaders and kids from the neighborhood.
These are some of the girls who've recently started attending the after school program.
These little guys wanted to come in but they are too young (the program is for ages 10-18) It broke my heart to have to turn them away. I told them to come on Sunday, they said they would. Telvin, Trayvon, Coby, and Travis left sad, looking longingly at the door into the Epic After school program as they turned to walk home. I'm praying that soon, we will have something for them as well on Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons.

If you would like more information about the Epic After School program at the Baton Rouge Dream Center, or if you would like to volunteer, please contact


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