Help Us get a Foster Care Initative Grant

A child opens a gift he received at an HPServe Foster Care party. YOU could make fun times like these possible for more kids simply by providing your email and/or voting...
From my friend Bethany who works for HPServe at Healing Place Church...

Healing Place Serve has submitted a grant request to Albertsons for $10,000 to help the foster care youth in our state. 

These kids have so many basic needs that go unmet, and they need our help! 

We are very close to winning the $10,000 but we need a lot more votes. We are in 10th place now, and if we are in the top 6, we get the $10,000. 

We are doing all we can to make it really easy for you to help us. 

All you need to do is send your email address to Bethany Wray at 

We will register you with the grant site. Once your email is registered, you will receive a verification email. 

All you need to do is click on the link in that email from Albertsons. 

At that point, we will take over. You will not have to do anything else! 

Voting goes on through October 15, so we need the emails as soon as possible.

Healing Place Serve has volunteers to place your votes for you. 


I can attest to this, I have registered my email and have received nothing from them beyond the verification email. 

We need TONS of email addresses to WIN!! 

Please email with any and all email addresses that you and your family have, so we can get this grant to serve foster care youth!
I'm doing it, will you please please please? YOU could be a part of changing the life of a kid who is in foster care here in the Baton Rouge area simply by voting. THANK YOU ;-)