Extra Musings: From the Set of Break Out Kings

Is that Arron Domingue with the gun?

I tweeted these today from the set of Breakout Kings...

Sometime I think the wardrobe people on sets are mean, then I realize that I would be much meaner! Seriously.

I need to wear a sign on set that reads "I bite".

After 10months of doing movies, I'm starting to see a pattern, I'm always cast as the teacher, business woman, mom, but never "the hot girl"..

Excuse me old guy but sign out time is not like bar closing time, use your pick up lines on her after we all get signed out.

These tweets really do say way more then I can actually say here about life in Swamp-Hollywood, (the term "Swamp Hollywood" is a trademark of Carole Smith Turner Inc. and cannot be used without expressed permission of Carole Smith Turner Inc)

But if your an Extra, you might get my drift on some of them.

I love being an extra in movies, I really do love being a part of the movie making process.  And one of the other things I love about it is the oh-so-interesting people who are swimming with me in the local talent pool ;-)

I like watching them.

We are a weird group, that is for sure...

Rather I should say, we are an "interesting" group :-)

I always come home with stories.

Today I was a pedestrian on the streets of New York City for the first day of shooting here in BR of the A&E TV series, Break Out Kings.

It's an extra special day because this is the first TV series to be filmed in Baton Rouge. (It used to be filmed in Canada up until this year when it moved here due to the great tax incentive that we offer.) It will film here through January so it will provide a lot of jobs for local actors and crew.

Mayor Kip Holden came by the set and the channel 9 local news was on hand to cover this historic day as well.

So, I think it's really cool to have been a part of this first day of shooting.

I'll have my more-of-an-inside-joke-that-only-extras-will-get set of tweets to remember it by now as well.

Oh did I mention the catering? The food today was SO GOOD!! It's nice to work with TV and movie stars, to act, to make great or even not so great film art, to play dress up, but how fondly I remember a shoot really always comes back to the food....and today the food was really good.

Cheers to Break Out Kings!


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