Yesterday I joined Planet Beach...again.
I was a member two years ago for the tanning.
I got really tan.
Dean LOVES me to be tan.
He loves it.
But Planet Beach is not just a tanning salon, no, now it is a Con tempo Spa.
So I joined for the Hydration Station, the Mystic Tanner, the Message chair, the facials and anti aging light station.

I also went and got more of the CTS360 weight loss supplement that I've been using.
You thought I had lost that whopping 6lbs in four months just by cutting out bread?
No sir. I've been taking a supplement since June.
Middle-aged lady fat likes to hang on for dear life.

There are kids starving, wars going on, people homeless on the streets and I feel the need to pay monthly to get a fake tan, use lights and fancy creams and lotions to fight aging and use a vitamin supplement to help me lose weight.

Yep, I'm just that shallow.

See, I'm not really an activist, I'm as bad as the welfare mom that I saw yesterday getting a $100 tattoo, the redneck buying $400 Tommy Hilfiger overalls for his girl friend while driving a car with expired tags and the business man driving a $100,000 car that he cant afford gas or insurance for now so other business men who drive cars they cant afford will think he's important and want to be like him.

We are all Vanity butt kissers in one way or another.


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