She Likes Doing Shots

Almost two months ago Evangeline went back to using shots to give herself insulin.

She had been on a pump for almost 9 years but over the last two years, her blood sugars had gotten out of control.

I won't retell that whole story, but you can read it here.

We were not happy with the fact that her Doctor wanted her to take a "Pump Vacation".

But it turns out that Dr. Genet knew what she was doing.

Not only are her blood sugars improving but it's actually a lot easier.

The only down side was having to wake up early this summer (7:30am every morning) for her to eat and do insulin and then having to eat and do insulin at 5:30pm every day.

But that "down side" is actually better then wearing the pump according to her.
It's less work.

She doesn't have to worry about her pump location, making sure sites are in good, making sure to enter blood sugar reading and program insulin delivery every time she ate. etc.

With shots, she is getting a long acting and a fast acting twice a day and she just has to check her blood sugars and eat at normal times of the day.

She was on shots from age 2 to 6.
We switched to the pump for better control and more freedom.
We got worse control and too much freedom.

The other day she said, "mom, I think I want to stay on shots for a while. I like it better. I feel better." 

So it just goes to show me that sometime changes we dread, cry about, hate having to implement, turns out to be for the good and makes life better.

I need always to remember that.


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