A Year Ago today: There is Definitely a Paper Cutter Hell

A year ago today, I did this to my finger...

If your wondering the fate of that evil paper cutter that tried to take the side of my finger off exactly one year ago today, a paper cutter that had lived, blade-protector-free, being used almost daily at the Dream Center, for quite a while until that fateful day, well we threw him away thank God.

But not without Kayla attempting to rescue him. She actually took it out of the trash can thinking surely, it had been thrown away by mistake.

I said, "Kayla, we have a new paper cutter, one with a bar protecting the user from sticking their finger under the blade. That one doesn't have a protector on it, hello! That's the one that cut my finger!" 

In which she replied, "well, I doubt anyone else is gonna do what you did." (AKA be dumb enough to stick their finger UNDER the blade without realizing it)

But I insisted and pulled out the "Hope said to throw it away". Cuz' ain't no way I was working in the same building with that hateful scheming devil of a paper cutter! He threw off his blade protector with evil intent. He tried to take the side of my finger off and therefore, he must pay the price!

There is definitely a paper-cutter hell.

I actually really dig these pictures. The black nails, the stitches going through the finger nail, it looks like a rock album cover to me.  Maybe the band could be called "Black Nails" and the album named "Stitches".


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