What Are You Afraid Of?

It's such a romnatic notion.
Are you brave?
I was brave.
And it broke my heart.

Sometime it's hard to see the truth about yourself.
I am eaten up with fear.
I talk of being fearless, but I am not.
I walked in fearlessness for a while.
But what I saw was too much.
I couldn't handle being fearless.

I saw great miracles.
Now I limit God to what I in my fallen, human, mind, can imagine.
I don't really believe anymore.

So I don't go, I stay.
So, I don't allow people in like I did.
The hurting are just too much now.
The romance has gone.

"They say freedom, is just another place to Hide.
Where could I go but to the lord?"

Help me lord to not fear.


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