Music You Should Own, Adele 21

I've been over dosing on this album for the last couple of days. It's chock full of magic.

Right now I'm digging the songs, Set Fire to the Rain, and Rumor Has It but the entire album is literal "music to my ears".

It's so magnificent. It's a throw back at the perfect time in music history when we suffer from the please-scratch-my-eyes-out Kesha's and Lady Gaga's and the I've-been-told-how-great-I-sing screechers like Beyonce, Adele's sound is crispy and soulful, she reminds me of Pearl Bailey and Duffy.

I feel like there's hope again for pop music when I hear Rolling in the Deep playing on the Top 40 radio station. I feel like young girls once again have a hearty, from-the-gut, real unique singer to dream of singing like.

I love it. I hope the CD wins every Grammy possible, I hope it inspires more great singers and great music.

Go buy this CD, you will NOT regret it.


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