Lay the Favorites and Stash House

Abel dressed as a kid in the Caribbean
Wednesday, Abel was an extra in the movie, Lay The Favorites. We showed up on set in Slidell at 11am and Abel was one of only three boys who were playing tag in a field right by the scene where there main actress, Rebecca Hall, is talking outside of a check cashing type place.

They filmed the scene a few times and then that was a wrap for Abel. We were there a total of 2 hours. But they still pay us the full $80.

Love those kind of days.

Down side was that I didn't get to see Vince Vaughn. He literally was arriving at set as we left.

Oh well.

Then last night Esther and I both did the final day of shooting on the movie Stash House. We arrived at 4:30pm. We filmed at Cat Haven, so since I'm REALLY allergic to cats, I did my nasal spray and eye drops right as I was pulling into the parking lot of the set.

Where we filmed our scene.
We sat around and talked to our casting director until 7:30pm when they called us to do our scene. I was a receptionist working the front desk of the Veterinary Hospital where the main character, Dr. Nash, played by Briana Evigan, works. Esther played a lab tech.

The scene was her and her husband walking out, as he covers her eyes to surprise her with something that's waiting just out side, for her birthday. As they exit they walk past a few people sitting with their animals, waiting to see the vet. I am at a desk right in front of that group of people. We all have to say "Happy Birthday Dr. Nash." and wave bye to her.

When they first started directing the scene and telling us our "line" I got so excited, I thought this was finally it, my first real speaking roll. They told me that I would say it as soon as the camera landed right in front of my desk, like, 2 feet from my face. Then all the people in the waiting area would chime in once I started the "happy Birthday.."

I was so excited. They kept saying "ok so ya'll are the feature here, he's (the camera man) gonna land right in front of your face so just continue doing what your doing for a few seconds once he gets in front of you". So I was really thinking this was a line sine I say it first then the people sitting behind me chime in.  But then I found out that if 5 or more people are saying the same thing, then it's not considered a "line" for each person. I was disappointed, I would have loved that bigger pay check for sure, but it was still cool.

Unless they cut the scene, I will be all up in it, waving good bye and saying "Happy Birthday Dr. Nash".

We did only that scene and it was a wrap. We were in the last scene of the day and it was the last scene of the movie shoot. It was pretty cool.

I was home by 9:30pm.

Two very good and very short days on movie sets :-)

I leave you now with some art work from Cat Haven...

She watched over us while we shot the scene.
Don't make me tell you again.