The "Osama was Killed by Obama" Blog Post

So last night the world found out that Osama Bin Laden, THE terror puppet master, the worlds most wanted killer of thousands of people, white, black, America, Christians and Muslims alike, was killed by the American military.

The bummer for many people I know and follow on twitter is that Osama was killed on President Obama's watch.  Ouch.

It's no secret that 95% of the people I spend my life with are very conservative, they cant stand president Obama. Many of them couldn't contain their jabs at Obama, they know this will look real good on his resume come November 2012.

But unlike many of my Christian friends, former president George W. Bush didn't take any jabs at Obama in his statement, he knew this was historical, he knew this was something he had worked hard to achieve himself.

Other friends that I follow on Twitter were very upset by people celebrating this death, or any death of someone who  doesn't know Jesus.

For me personally, I'm glad he is no longer around but who knows where his heart was when he died? I don't that's for sure. He was such an evil person while here on this earth, like Hitler and Jeffery Daumer, Hell is for certain people maybe? But even Jeffery Daumer was reported to have repented and found Jesus in jail before he was killed.

My grace cant even comprehend that kind of forgiveness. I am not God. But my human self, who longs for justice, felt relieved that Bin Laden was no longer around calling the shots and killing thousands of people.
So today I'm gonna watch and read the news closely, try not to tick too many people off on twitter and try not to unfollow any of my ultra conservative church family members over the next few days when they tweet sour grapes.. and I may wear my Obama shirt in public this week :-)

In the words of George W. Bush, "mission accomplished".


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