Nothing Like Being on a Good Movie Set

Dean and I finally got to do a movie shoot with Nathan and Esther and it was so much fun.

Over the last several days we have been doing all night shoots on the film, The Philly Kid (there's talk that the name of the movie will change before it's released next Spring/Summer) it stars Devon Sawa, (who I knew well from Eminem's "Stan" video, he played Stan but he was also in Final Destination, which I never saw) Wes Chatham who will soon be seen in the movie "The Help" and  Neal McDonough (Desperate Housewives, The Guardian) and it's being directed by Jason Connery, who is Sean Connery's son.

Esther checking out the pic I was taking of us.

say cheese!

before filming on the first day, Dean, Nathan, Me and Esther all together finally on a movie set.

We filmed at the Texas Club here in Baton Rouge. The movie is about an MMA fighter.

I think it was like 10pm the first night and I was already so tired!

A fight about to be filmed. They used three different local MMA guys for the movie.

"get a picture of me with Neal and Jason Connery" said Nathan. This is that picture :-)

Nathan's Fro getting a little spot light time.

Neal McDonough standing outside the ring watching Wes Chattam, do his MMA thang as the Philly Kid.

Fun in the spot light at around 4am..we got really delirious.

Dean took this on of me at about 2am attempting not to fall asleep between takes.

That beer bottle has Tea-Gator in it. It's what they call a Redneck Arnold Palmer, it's Gatoraide and Tea mixed...pretty good actually. I also acted like I was smoking an Herbal cigarette in one scene.
It was such a nice set. The crew was amazing, so nice, informative, courteous, and just really great to work with and the food was incredible.

Esther and I also did two 15 hour days of shooting on  21 Jump Street over the weekend. We were supposed to go back for 4 more days this weekend and next but we cancelled.

All I will say about that is, the first night on the set of The Philly Kid I look up and said.. "thank you God for such a great environment, after that awful 21 Jump Street shoot".

There really is nothing like being an extra on a good set.


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