My Mom Gave to Me...

A love for books.
She was always reading. Every night, sitting on the couch, reading a book.

A love for music.
Every morning, when I was little, and she was getting ready for work, she would sing and I would always watch her, amazed that she knew so many of the words to the songs.

A desire to be real.
My mom is a straight shooter. I got that from her.

A good work ethic.
My mom showed us what a mom will do to provide for her kids. She was a single mom, and sometime she worked two jobs. I remember going into her closet and seeing that she only had three shirts and two pair of pants. She did without so we could eat and live.

A love of laughter.
My mom knows how to have fun. She loves to laugh. She can turn a card game, Trivia Pursuit or a night of Karaokee into a time of pee-in-your-pants laughter.

Thank you mom for all you gave me.

Happy Mothers Day. I Love You!!


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