When I heard about Republican senator Jon Kyl lying about Planned Parenthood's percentage of abortions performed, and then I heard his explanation for why he lied, it reminded me of how a lot of Christians look at lying.

A lot of times, they think the end justifies the means.

Abortion is evil, so incredibly evil, I want it to be ended as much if not more then anyone, I have fought for over 20 years to end abortion and for the care of orphans around the world. so I understand the passion.

But all Jon Kyl did by exaggerating, was send a message to the world that the Christian Right will lie and exaggerate to get what they want.

Oh and yes, an exaggeration is a lie. If it's not true, it's a lie.

Jon Kyl got busted lying and his response should have been "I'm sorry, what I said was a lie".

But no, what we got was spin.

Basically, if your "right" then you can lie to prove your point or if you are trying to get something good accomplished then you can exaggerate, because the end justifies the means.

Well it doesn't.

Lying taints the image of Christ, especially when people who profess to be on the side of right and good use lies and deception to reach what they think of as a righteous end. Once your known as someone who lies, exaggerates, spreads falsehood, then people stop respecting what you say. If we represent Jesus, THE truth, then we have to be truthful always.

Politicians who claim to be Christian's, preachers, church leaders, everybody, stop lying! It's very annoying and evil.

Proverbs 12:19
Truthful words stand the test of time,but lies are soon exposed. 

Zechariah 8:17
Don’t scheme against each other. Stop your love of telling lies that you swear are the truth. I hate all these things, says the Lord.


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