The Reasons

For those of you who have adopted, do you ever for a second think about all the things you could have if you hadn't adopted kids? Tonight I sat reading tweets from friends on ski slopes, other Friends who were out to dinner on a date, they were having steak. I read facebook updates about outings to movies, new shoes and trips to Disney. And for just a minute I coveted all of these things. Then I heard the voice of flesh and self say, "imagine all the things you and Dean would have if you just had Evangeline" and then my heart ached at the thought of life without ALL of my family. I looked over to Steele and Abel watching Lord of the Rings with me, Evangeline sitting between them reading her book, Dean asleep in the other room, and All was right again. Nothing can compare to THIS.

They are what I was put here for. They are my legacy, Dean's legacy, they are the reason we have anything. They are our first ministry, first outreach, first church service. Who Dean and I are to them is what's important. Being Jesus to them could change the world. Them being Jesus in our home, by just breathing, laughing, crying and living, is worth way more then a ski trip or a steak dinner.

It's a very good night.


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