Mac free Thursday

The new cord to my MAC broke so I am once again without a computer. I'm typing this from my iPhone. Which I detest.

I've just recently started reading my morning devotional on my iPhone, I see more and more people at church-including Dean- use it insted of a bible when following along with the preacher. I have my iPhone in my lap usually during the sermon, but its because I am trying NOT to tweet or play Words with Friends, that's my greatest temptation at that time.

Having constant activity, communication and/or information at my finger tips at all times is not good for me.

Next thing you know I'll be reading books on this tiny screen. It can't be good for my eyes.

I am starting to think that God keeps allowing my Mac cord to break because I'm not using my computer time for what he wants me too.

I have two books that I'm NOT writing, well, I've written part of one, none of the other, but the "other" one needs to come first so THAT is what I should be working on and I'm not.

When my Mac was working, I was watching Glee, Jon Stewart or Community on it, reading blogs, etc, not writing the books God has put in my heart. So...yea.

Oh well, my thumbs are cramping up so Im gonna stop typing and go get dressed for the day.

But one last thing, We have worship night in Funky Town (AKA The Dream Center) tonight. We are having a praise and worship time from 6:30-8:00pm, and there will be Funk, some stank,some smooth jazz, (but no jazz flute, which would be really cool) more cow bell and a Celo and Viola so you should come, it's gonna be great.


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