Fear of Questions?

Over the weekend twitter was a buzz over Rob Bell's soon to be released book, Love Wins. I read the articles, the tweets, the Face book updates. And I was actually shocked at all the hoopla from people who had not even read the book.

Why were they freaking out? Because of the questions.

Many were accusing Bell of becoming a Universalist because of the questions he asked on the video he made to promote the book. The publishers write up on the book also stirred the "he's a Universalist" furor because it created a desire to question also.

How dare anyone ask questions.

That has always been my biggest beef with Church-ianity, we have generations of answers, handed down from fathers to sons,  answers that are rarely questioned without the inquisitor being accused of "backsliding" or being influenced by new age theology,  becoming a heretic, etc.

Simply from asking questions.

Here's what I think; if religious leaders are so sure of what they believe. If they feel the bible backs them up, why be afraid of someone asking why? How? what makes you so sure?

Evangelicals love C.S. Lewis now but if you read all of his writings, you will see that he explored the question of Heaven and Hell thoroughly. You will also find that it appears that Lewis did not believe only people who professed Jesus as lord were going to Heaven (read book 7 of the Chronicles of Narnia, The Last Battle for references to this) Also the person Lewis respected more then any other spiritual leader, George McDonald, was a Universalist. Yet today, Lewis is our darling and Bell is being called a Heretic Universalist by people who have yet to even read the book they are basing this judgment on.

Our lives here on earth, need to reflect the light of heaven not the fear of hell if we wish for others to come to know Jesus.

The book hasn't even come out yet and people have already dismissing it as bad theology because, I believe, they fear having to ask the questions themselves and answer them.

Thank God we Christians don't judge based on tiny bits of information, or judge someone for asking a question. (sarcasm)

We need not fear questions. 


Great post! I think I was born asking "Why?" so not only am I a big fan of questions ... I think they are vital to any religion ... because otherwise it's it a cult?
ATB said…
Wow! Such a great post. My husband and I have been talking about this a lot lately and have been so challenged by it. Thanks so much for the encouragement! Love your blog, by the way!

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